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Q: Is it true that less than 20 percent of all teens in all ethnic groups smoke?
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How many people kill themselves in a day from cyber-bullying or bullying?

The potential for kids to use the internet as a weapon for bulling is enormous. Estimating that more than 13 million children aged six to 17 were victims of cyber bullying, the poll also revealed that more than two million of those victims told no one about being attacked. One-third of all teens (ages 12-17) and one-sixth of children (ages 6-11) have had mean, threatening or embarrassing things said about them online. 10 percent of the teens and four percent of the younger children were threatened online with physical harm. 16 percent of the teens and preteens who were victims told no one about it. About half of children ages 6-11 told their parents. Only 30 percent of older kids told their parents. Preteens were as likely to receive harmful messages at school (45 percent) as at home (44 percent). Older children received 30 percent of harmful messages at school and 70 percent at home. 17 percent of preteens and seven percent of teens said they were worried about bullying as they start a new school year. 8 percent of those effected by cyber bullying try to commit suicide.

What percent of shoplifting is done by teens?

teens account for approximately 25% of all apprehended shoplifters (therefore adults account for the other 75%)it is pretty hard to estimate the number of teen shoplifters because they are not caughtmen and women are about 50/50 in shoplifting percentages89% of teens say they know someone who has shoplifted and 66% of them say they are friends with these people

What percent of suicides are by teens?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, teens aged 15-19 accounted for approximately 7.7% of all suicides in 2019.

Does The risk for teens to experience a car crash increases with each additional passenger?

Yes because In the decade of 2000-2009, 27 percent of the victims in crashes involving 15 to 20 year old drivers were riding as passengers with a young driver. The chances a 16-year-old will die in a crash increase39 percent with one teen passenger,86 percent with two teen passengers, and182 percent with three or more teen passengers.

Do teens think that the rate of alcohol is much higher than it actually is?

There is no such thing as the rate of alcohol! There is the rate of alcohol consumption is social groups, there is the rate of alcohol absorption into the human body. The question, as presented, makes no sense. Also, the answer will differ very greatly between different countries and also between socio-economic groups within those countries.

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How many teens in every ethnic group smoke cigarettes?


What percentage of teenagers smoke?

Approximately 20-25% of teens smoke, at least intermittently (less, for younger teens, and more, for older teens).

Have most teens use marijuana in their life?

No. According to the related link below, only around 15 to 20 percent of teens smoke marijuana.

What percent of teens die from drugs each year?

about 2% of teens die from drugs this year, so dont worry go ahead an smoke weed friend :D

What is the percentage of teens in the world that smoke?

Approximately 1/3 of the population, which would be 2.3 billion smokers.

What percentage of adult smokers start when they where teens?

Among adults who smoke, 68 percent began smoking regularly at age 18 or younger.

What percent of teens get married?

about 40 percent of teens get married each year.

Should the US teens to smoke?


What do teens smoke?

crack and opium

How many average teens smoke each year?

I don't know, but it's definitely less than the number of cool teens who smoke.

How many teens smoke in Canada?


What percentage of teens try drugs?

In America, a study stated that 40 percent of teens have tried drugs. Nearly 80 percent of teens have tried alcohol.