Is negative 5x minus 3y fifteen?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Yes it is, but only when 'y' is 5 less than negative (1 and 2/3) 'x' .

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Q: Is negative 5x minus 3y fifteen?
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What is the slope of 5x minus 3y equals 6?

Slope = 5/3 = 1.66...

What is 5x minus (negative 3x)?


What is the terms of the expression 5x-3y+4?

5x 3y and 4

What points on the line given y 5x 3?

The one(s) where the y coordinate is:five times the x coordinate plus three;five times the x coordinate minus three;three plus five times the x coordinate; orthree minus five times the x coordinatedepending upon which of the following equations is intended (as there are missing operators in the question):y = 5x + 3y = 5x - 3y - 5x = 3y + 5x = 3[Note equations 1 & 3 are the same equation written in different forms.]

5x plus 3y-x plus 10-2y?

5x + (3y-x) + (10-2y) = 5x + 3y - x + 10 -2y = 5x - x + 3y - 2y + 10 = 4x + y +10

What is the slope of 5x - 3y equals -6?

5x -3y = -6 -3y = -5x -6 y = 5/3x+2 in slope intercept form

What is the slope of 5x 3y6?

This question is missing crucial information. Specifically the mathematical operators... as in +, -, x, /,=... and so on. POSSIBLE INTERPRETATIONS OF QUESTION: 5x-3y=6 ---> SLOPE= 5/3 5x+3y=6 ---> SLOPE= -5/3 5x*3y=6 ---> SLOPE= Not Applicable (Rational Function) 5x/3y=6 ---> SLOPE= 5/18 5x=3y-6 ---> SLOPE= 5/3 5x=3y+6 ---> SLOPE= 5/3 5x=3y*6 ---> SLOPE= 5/18 5x=3y/6 ---> SLOPE= 10/1 I hope one of these worked.

Simplify 5x plus 3y plus 2x-6y?

the simplest form of 5x + 3y +2x - 6y is 7x-3y

What is the point of intersection of the lines 5x plus 7y plus 29 equals 0 and 11x minus 3y minus 65 equals 0?

(4, -7)

What is 2x plus 4y-5x plus 3y?

2x + 4y - 5x + 3y = 7y - 3x

Graph of a system of linear equations. Equation 1 is x minus y equals negative 6. Equation 2 is 5x plus 3y equals 24?

-2x=2y-4 2x-y=-5 Answer=(-1,3)

What is the sum of 5x 2y x-3y?

If you mean: 5x+2y+x-3y then it is 6x-1y