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Q: Is nine tenths bigger than eight ninths?
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What is the difference of nine tenths and four ninths?

four ninths is smaller then nine tenths.

What is the least common denominator of three fourths eight ninths and nine tenths?


What is 9 tenths of 5 ninths?

Nine-tenths of five-ninths is equal to one-half.

What is the sum of eight and nine tenths and nine and eight tenths?

The sum of (eight and nine tenths) plus (nine and eight tenths) is (eighteen and seven tenths). 8.9 + 9.8 = 18.7

What is nine tenths of 5 ninths fraction?

It is 1/2.

What is 78.9 in word form?

It is seventy-eight and nine tenths.

What is bigger nine tenths or four fifths?

nine tenths is 90% and four fifths is 80% so nine tenths is bigger

What is the answer to 1 and 9 tenths divided by 16 ninths?

One and nine tenths divided by 16 ninths = 171/160 or 111/160 (expressed in lowest terms).

What is thirty eight divided by nine?

38 ninths

What is nine tenths minus eight fifteenths?

Nine tenths minus eight fifteenths equals eleven thirtieths.

What number is between eight tenths and nine tenths?


Is one-fourth bigger than nine-tenths?