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yes, it is both symmetric as well as skew symmetric

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2010-11-05 16:48:18
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Q: Is null square matrix a skew symmetric?
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What is a skew symmetric matrix?

A skew symmetric matrix is a square matrix which satisfy, Aij=-Aji or A=-At

Prove that a matrix which is both symmetric as well as skew symmetric is a null matrix?

Let A be a matrix which is both symmetric and skew symmetric. so AT=A and AT= -A so A =- A that implies 2A =zero matrix that implies A is a zero matrix

What is the symbol for skew?

In linear algebra, a skew-symmetric matrix is a square matrix .....'A'

Under what condition is the product of skew-symmetric matrices skew-symmetric?

I could be wrong but I do not believe that it is possible other than for the null matrix.

Can a zero matrix be a skew symmetric matrix?

My knowledge limits to square matrices. The answer is yes, because 0 = -0

What is the dimension of a skew symmetric matrix of order 3?

In a skew symmetric matrix of nxn we have n(n-1)/2 arbitrary elements. Number of arbitrary element is equal to the dimension. For proof, use the standard basis.Thus, the answer is 3x2/2=3 .

Are the property of symmetric and skew symmetric are invariant?


C programme for symmetric and skew symmetric matrices?


Are skew symmetric roots purely real or purely imaginary?

They can be either. If they are roots of a real polynomial then purely imaginary would be symmetric and only real roots can be skew symmetric.

What is the definition of a skew-Hermitian matrix?

Skew-Hermitian matrix defined:If the conjugate transpose, A†, of a square matrix, A, is equal to its negative, -A, then A is a skew-Hermitian matrix.Notes:1. The main diagonal elements of a skew-Hermitian matrix must be purely imaginary, including zero.2. The cross elements of a skew-Hermitian matrix are complex numbers having equal imaginary part values, and equal-in-magnitude-but-opposite-in-sign real parts.

What is difference between skew binomial and symmetric binomial distribution?

The skew binomial distribution arises when the probability of a particular event is not a half.

Are there non-singular skew-symmetric n n matrices with odd n?

No, there cannot be any.

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