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1 acre = 43560 sq ft, so there should be enough room to build a 5000 sq ft house.

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Q: Is one acre enough land to build a 5000 square foot house?
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How big was John Hancock's house?

5000 square feet

If a house cost 5000 to build in 1900 how much would it cost today?

It would cost about $129,269.71.

How many acres are in 5000 square feet?

The area of 5000 square feet are 0.114784 acres.

How many hectares are there in 5000 square meters?

There are 10000 square metres in one hectare. Therefore, 5000 square metres is equal to 5000/10000 = 0.5 hectares.

How many square meters is 5000 square feet?

there are 464.52 square metres to 5000 square feet

Is five acres enough land to build a house on?

Five acres is plenty of land to build a house on, have a nice yard and garden, and still have land left. Five acres is enough to build a sub-division of 20 houses on! Most urban lots are around a quarter of an acre or less. I have a pretty large lot and it is just under a half acre. Generally a nice size residential house lot is around 5000 square ft. An acre is about 45,000 sq ft.. What the building code is for any particular area and standard or allowed lot size is can vary tremendously. An acre is a little over half of a New York City Block, so five acres would be almost 3 new york city blocks. You can have a nice house with room for horses.

How many square miles is 5000 acres?

Answer: 5000 acres = 7.8125 mi²

What is the history of the Sydney Opera House?

Sydney Opera House was build in 1957. And was created by Jorn Utzon. He designed the Sydney Opera House and won a award of money 5000 pounds. It took 7 years to build the model of the Opera House and 17 years to comp;ete the actual building.

What is 5000 square km?

Answer: 5000 km² = 1,930.510 mi²

Can 5000 cubic meter be stored in 5000 square meters?


What is the average winter bills for 5000 square feet?

The answer will depend on where in the world the 5000 square feet area is!

How many marlas are there in 5000 square feet?

There are 272.25 square feet in a marla. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 5000 square feet is equal to 5000/272.25 = 18.37 marlas.