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√ 5 is an irrational number. Any square root of a Prime number is irrational.

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Q: Is radical 5 arational number
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Related questions

Is 5 arational number?

5 is a rational number and it is also a prime number

Is 1.2 arational number?


Is -10 arational number?

Yes -10 is a rational number

When you multiply a radical number with another radical number do the radical signs cancel each other out?

Not necessarily. If it is the same radical number, then the signs cancel out. Radical 5 times radical 5 equals 5. But if they are different, then you multiply the numbers and leave them under the radical sign. Example: radical 5 * radical 6 = radical 30

What is the radical of 5?

The square root (radical) of 5 is about 2.2361 (an irrational number)

What is the meaning of the operation with radical expressions?

A radical number is a number with a decimal. so a radical expression would be like 5 raised to the 2.5 power.

What is the square root of 5.2?

Radical(26)/Radical(5) 5.2 is the same as 52/10. So, to find the square root of this number, simplify the numerator and the denominator. The numerator becomes (radical(26)*radical(2)) and the denominator becomes (radical(5)*radical(2)). The radical(2)'s cancel out and you're left with radical(26)/radical(5).

Example of radical in addition?

Here is an example, radical 20 plus radical 5. Now radical 20 is 2(radical 5) so we can add radical 5 and 2 radical 5 and we have 3 radical 5.

What is radical 5 plus radical 5?

2 times radical 5 or about 4.472135955

Is radical 25 a rational number?

Sqrt(25) is -5 or +5, both of which are rational.

When the product of two irrational numbers equals a rational number what are the two factors called?

If the product of two irrationals is a rational, then they are both the same radical of a non-perfect square. For example, radical 5 times radical 5 is 5, since that is by definiton what a radical is.

What is radical 5 plus 2 radical 5?

1rad5 + 2rad5 = 3rad5 3 radical 5

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