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Q: Is repeated measures and related measures the same thing?
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What is the same thing to one third?

.3333333 repeated decimal

What is a Repeated measures design?

A repeated measures design is where the same participants are used in all measures. For instance, say you wanted to find how different music genres effect scores on a spelling test. You would have a participant do a spelling test while listening to one pieces of music. Then you would have them do another test while listening to a different piece of music, and so on.

What is repeated measures?

The repeated measures design (also known as a within-subjects design) uses the same subjects with every condition of the research, including the control.[1] For instance, repeated measures are collected in a longitudinal study in which change over time is assessed. Other studies compare the same measure under two or more different conditions. For instance, to test the effects of caffeine on cognitive function, a subject's math ability might be tested once after they consume caffeine and another time when they consume a placebo.(Source Reference: - )

How are scale factors and percentages related?

They are both comparisons of two measures of the same attribute.

Why is the history of China's dynasties called a cycle?

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No. They're not even closely related to being the same thing.

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They are the same thing.

How education is related to education?

They are the same thing!

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10 hours but it is the same thing repeated over and over again

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A golf index is the same thing as a golf handicap - it measures a golfer's ability.

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they are both used for the same thing