Is seventy two prime

Updated: 11/4/2022
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72 is a Composite Number

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Q: Is seventy two prime
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What is the prime factor of seventy two?

2 and 3

What are Prime factorization exponents for seventy-two?

23 x 32 = 72

Is seventy nine prime?


What is two plus seventy?

72. Seventy-two

What is the prime factorization of seventy?

As a product of its prime factors: 2*5*7 = 70

What can you multiply to get seventy five?

one and seventy five since seventy five is a prime odd number..... 25 are all multiples of this number

How do you spell 72 in English?

It is seventy-two

What prime factor do ten an seventy five have in common?


What are prime numbers between sixty and seventy?

61 67.

What is the English number 'seventy two' in French?

seventy two in french

What rhymes with seventy two in worlds?

A few words that rhyme with "seventy two" include "kangaroo," "view," and "you."

What number is seventy nine divisible by?

One and itself, it is a prime number.