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A transversal line that cuts through parallel lines creates corresponding angles that are equal but can vary in sizes

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Q: Is the corresponding angle always 180?
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How do you determine a corresponding angle?

A corresponding angle is related to a primary angle. Subtract the primary angle measure from 180 degrees, to obtain the corresponding angle measure.

How many degrees are in a straight angle?

a striaght angle is always 180% but a obtuse angles is 91% OR higher

Postulate or theorem used to prove two triangles are congruent?

You can use a variety of postulates or theorems, among others: SSS (Side-Side-Side) ASA (Angle-Side-Angle - any two corresponding sides* and a corresponding angle) SAS (Side-Angle-Side - the angle MUST be between the two sides, except:) RHS (Right angle-Hypotenuse-Side - this is only ASS which works) * if two corresponding angles are the same, then the third corresponding angle must also be the same (as the angles of a triangle always sum to 180°), and that can be substituted for one angle of ASA to get AAS or SAA.

How much is an straight angle?

a straight angle always equals 180 degrees.

What is an adjacent corresponding angle?

an adjacent corresponding angle is an angle which is adjacent to a particular angle as well as corresponding.

Is it true that the sum of interior angle and 1 exterior angle is always equal to 180?

Yes: 1 interior angle plus 1 exterior angle = 180 degrees

What is the name of the angle that always measures 180?

in complex math the name for a 180 degree angle would be called a straight line

An interior angle of any polygon and its adjacent exterior angle are always?

equal to 180°

How many degrees are in a straight and obtuse angle?

There are 180 degrees in a straight angle and more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees in an obtuse angle.

What angle do triangles always add up to?

180 degrees.

The total of the angle measures of a----------- is always 180 degrees?


The triangles sum says that the 3 angle in a triangle always equal 180?

The three angles of a triangle are always equal to 180°, if not equal to 180° then it is not a triangle.