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yes, cubic centimeter is a derived unit.

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Q: Is the cubic centimeter a base or derived unit?
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Why is a cubic centimeter a derived unit?

The basic unit is meter. Centimeter and the cubic value are derived from the basic meter.AnswerIt isn't. It's a submultiple of a 'base unit'.

What kind of unit is a cubic centimeter?

It is a derived metric unit for volume.

Is cubic centimeter the basic unit for mass?

no. cubic meter is the base unit for volume. kilogram is the base unit for mass.

Why is a cubic centimeter an example of a derived unit?

Go to pg. 18 and in the 2nd paragraph you will find the answer. :D

Is a centimeter an si base unit?

No, a centimeter is not an SI base unit. The SI base unit for length is the meter (m). A centimeter is a derived unit that is equal to 0.01 meters.

What happens to the unit for volume?

Such a unit is often derived from the unit of length, which is cubed. For example, in the SI, the official unit is the cubic meter; derived units include the cubic decimeter (a.k.a. the liter), and the cubic centimeter (a.k.a. the milliliter).

What is the SI derived unit for volume?

The SI derived unit for volume is the cubic meter (m^3).

Why are derived units more complex than fundamental units?

Derived units is obtained from a combination of fundamental units. Derived unit is a cubic centimeter or a cube that is a centimeter on each side.

What is the SI-derived unit for volume?

The cubic meter. Also, cubic decimeter (= liter), cubic centimeter (= milliliter), cubic millimeter, cubic kilometer, etc.

What is the base unit of cubic centimeters?

The cubic centimetre is unit of volume, derived from the SI unit cubic metre.1 cm3 = 0,001 L1 cubic inch = 16,387 cm3

What is the metric base units of volume?

The meter is the metric base unit for volume, and the cubic meter is the derived unit.

Unit of measurement for volume?

The cubic meter. Derived units like the liter (equal to the cubic decimeter) or the cubic centimeter are also quite popular.