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Yes, the dependent variable is the variable which is measured.

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Q: Is the dependent variable the results?
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Independent and dependent variable?

Math: Independent variable is what you change. Dependent variable is what you measure.

How do you control the dependent variable?

Technically you can't control the dependent variable. However, by controlling and monitoring the Independent variable, (the variable which determines the dependent variable) you could lead the dependent variable to produce favourable results.

Does the dependent variable change because of the independent variable?

Yes it does, because independent variable is what is being manipulated and we measure dependent variable, independent variable affects the results aka dependent variable.

Explain the difference between independent and dependent variables?

The independent variable is the variable that is manipulated. This affects the dependent variable and the results of the experiment.

Difference between independent and dependent?

independent variable is the one you control. the dependent variable depends on the indepdendent variable (the results). on the graph independent in on the bottom and dependent is on the side

The measurable results are called dependent variable?

Not necessarily.

How is the independent variable and the dependent variable related?

The independent variable is that which the investigator changes, which results in the dependant variable which you then measure.

What is the one factor in an experiment that results from or depends on changes to the independent variable?

The dependent variable.

What is an indepindent and controlled variable?

An independent variable is the thing that you are changing, to get different results. The different results, are the dependent variable. A controled variable is the thing that u r using.

What are variable in science?

indepent variable is the things you could change. the dependent variables are the results that you can measure

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