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Q: Is the length of your arm measured by centimeters?
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What are some things measured in centimeters?

Snowboard length and widths are measured in centimeters.

The length of a pencil is best measured in?

The length of a pencil is best measured in centimeters

What is the length of a string to the nearest centimeter?

The length of a string is typically measured in centimeters or millimeters, so it can be measured to the nearest centimeter by rounding the measurement to the closest whole number.

What feature of a cylinder uses the given unites...centimeter...square centimeters...and cubic centimeters?

Length, diameter and radius are measured in centimeters. Surface area is measured in square centimeters. Volume is measured in cubic centimeters.

How would the length of a caterpillar would be measured in?

It would be best measured in centimeters

How would you measure the length of your arm in meters decimeters centimeters kilometers millimeters decameters?

You can measure the length of your arm in centimeters or millimeters. To convert this measurement to meters, you would divide by 1000 for millimeters or 100 for centimeters. The other units like decimeters, kilometers, and decameters are not typically used for measuring the length of a human arm.

What are some items measured in centimeters?

Anything that has length. Although for very small things, millimeters or micrometers may be handier, and for large things, meters or kilometers. The length of your pen, the width of your computer screen, or the length of your fingers can be given in centimeters. List some items that can be measured in centimeters.

What would the length of your hand be in centimeters?

It would be in centimeters because your hand is smaller than a ruler so that means it can be measured in centimeters

Length can be measured have two endpoints?

Yes, the length of an object is measured by the distance between its two endpoints. This distance is typically measured in units such as inches, centimeters, or meters.

What is the average length of an arm?

The average length of an adult human arm is around 30 inches (76 centimeters) from the shoulder to the fingertips.

If measured in centimeters the unit for volume when calculated as length x width x height is?

The unit for volume when calculated as length x width x height in centimeters is cubic centimeters (cm^3). This unit represents the volume of a three-dimensional space measured in linear centimeters cubed.

What problems could arise if some scientist measured length in inches and others measured in centimeters?

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