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Q: Is the number of decayed teeth discrete or continuous?
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What is the scientific name for decayed teeth?

Dental Caries

Where can you find pictures of decayed teeth?

Here is a picture of some tooth decay:

The most common cause of infective endocarditis is?

decayed teeth

When to get dentures?

The best time is when your teeth are hopelessly decayed and can't be saved, or if you lose your teeth in an accident.AnswerWhen you are diagnosed with diseased or damaged teeth.

Why are molars the most likely teeth to get decayed?

because its a delicate place

What virus can cause a dogs teeth to be decayed if exposed as a puppy?


Instead of looking for decayed teeth the dentist looked into elies mouth for what?

gold crowns

Is a dermatologist is a specialist in removing decayed teeth?

A dermatologist is a specialist in skin (dermis) and a specialist in removing teeth is an oral surgeon. A dental hygienist specializes in cleaning teeth.

How many teeth did tricertops have?

Triceratopshad 432 to 800 teeth in both jaws.As tooth replacement was continuous and occurred throughout the life of each specimen, the number of teeth depends on how many teeth are «functional», and how many are in a «reserve status», like shark teeth.

Can ferrets get their teeth removed?

Only if a ferret has a tooth that has gone bad or decayed, a veterinarian can remove it.

How do you make teeth in a possessive noun?

To make a possessive noun with "teeth," you would write "teeth's" when referring to the possession of the teeth. For example, "The teeth's enamel protects them from decay."

Do wisdom teeth hurt?

Not unless there is a problem in cutting them or they are decayed or broken off. They are like other molars except they come in last.