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the shape of the curve skewed is "right"

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Q: Is the value of mean equals 35.4 and value of median equals 35 the shape of the curve skewed is?
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How the values of mean and median relate to shape?

The question is how do the mean and median affect the distribution shape. In a normal curve, the mean and median are both in the same point. ( as is the mode) If a distribution is skewed, its tail is either on the right or the left. If a distribution is skewed the median may be a better value to use than the mean since it has less effect on the shape. Also is there are large outliers, the median has less effect and is better to use. So the mean has a bigger effect on the shape many times than the median.

What is the shape of a frequency distribution with an arithmetic mean of 800 pounds median of 758 pounds and a mode of 750 pounds?

As the mean is greater than the median it will be positively skewed (skewed to the right), and if the median is larger than the mean it will be negatively skewed (skewed to the left)

How is the choice made between mean and median to describe the typical value related to the shape of the data distribution?

Either can be used for symmetrical distributions. For skewed data, the median may be more a appropriate measure of the central tendency - the "average".

What shape describes a poisson distribution?

A skewed bell shape.

The Pearsons Coefficient of Skewness is a measure of what?

It is a descriptive statistical measure used to measure the shape of the curve drawn from the frequency distribution or to measure the direction of variation. It is a measure of how far positively skewed (below the mean) or negatively skewed (above the mean) the majority (that's where the mode comes in) of the data lies. Useful when conducting a study using histograms. (mean - mode) / standard deviation. or [3(Mean-Median)]/Standard deviation

The shape of the F distribution is?

skewed right.

The histogram of a sample should have a distribution shape that is skewed. Is this true or false?

False. It can be skewed to the left or right or be symmetrical.

What shape is a Cooling curve graph?

A Cooling curve graph changes shape.

What is shape of indifference curve?

what will be the shape of indifference curve if one of the two goods is a free commodity

Why bh curve is curve?

i believe it's called 'curve' because of the shape, it's curved ...

What is the shape of offer curve and what is the reason behind this particular shape of offer curve?

Good day, I would like to know the relevance of OFFER CURVE to applied microeconomics.

What is the shape of marginal revenue curve if the total revenue curve have concave shape?

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