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In most situations, the answer that is looked for is linear.

However, since y=mx+b does not follow superposition, it is in fact, nonlinear.






this does not equal Ay1+By2, making it nonlinear

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Q: Is y equals mx plus b a non linear or linear equation?
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What is y divided by y plus 4 equals x?

It is a non-linear equation in x and y. The equation cannot be solved without further information.

Is y equals 3x a linear equation?

Yes, because non-linear equations involve x2.

Is c plus d squared equals 36 linear or nonlinear?

It is linear in c and non-linear in d. If both c and d are variables, then it is non-linear.

Is the the function y4x plus 2 linear or non linear?

If you mean y = 4x+2 then it is the linear equation of a straight line

Is the equation 3x-4 equals 12 linear or non linear?

It is a linear equation. The highest power of x in the equation is 1 (3x1-4=12) so its "degree" is 1, and equations of "degree 1" are called linear equations.

What are linear and nonlinear regression?

A linear equation is an equation that in math. It is a line. Liner equations have no X2. An example of a linear equation is x-2 A linear equation also equals y=mx+b. It has a slope and a y-intercept. A non-linear equation is also an equation in math. It can have and x2 and it is not a line. An example is y=x2+3x+4 Non linear equations can be quadratics, absolute value or expodentail equations.

Is c plus d2 equals 36 linear or nonlinear?

If by d2 you mean d squared then it is non linear

How do you slove 11x plus 6y equals 58?

You cannot solve one linear equation in two unknown variables (x and y), although some non-linear equations will suffice. You need two independent linear equations. All you can do is express one of the variables in terms of the other, but that is not solving the equation.

What is an equation of a non linear equation?

A non-linear equation is any equation which includes variables with a degree other than one. Therefore, any equation involving x2, x3, x4, .... would be non-linear. For example: y= 3x+2 is linear, because x and y are both degree 1 (no exponent) y= 2x2 is non-linear, because x is degree 2.

What is a non-linear equation?

A nonlinear equation does not produce a straight line and the exponent is to the second power or more. x square plus 3y =5 is an example of a nonlinear equation.

Any non-vertical line in the Cartesian coordinate plane can be defined by a linear equation of the form y equals ax?


Is y 8x plus 15 linear or non linear?

If you mean y = 8x+15 then it is a straight line equation whereas 8 is the slope and 15 is the y intercept