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no its not

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Q: It is possible to create a triangle with side lengths of 6in 10in and 20in?
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What triangle has 15in each and the third side measures 10in?

An isosceles triangle.

What is the perrimeter of the triangle 10in 8in 17in 21in?

No triangle can have 4 sides of measurements

A square and a triangle have equal areas and a side of the square is 10 inches and the base of the triangle is 10 inches then what is the height of the triangle?

Area triangle = 1/2 base x height Area square = length x width = 10in x 10in = 100sq in. Area triangle = area square Therefore: 1/2 x 10in x height = 100sq in height = 100 sq in x 2 / 10 in = 20 in

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 10in and an altitude of 14in?

70 square inches

What is the perimeter of a triangle which sides measures 6-8-10 inches?

To find the perimeter of a triangle, add the three sides. Perimeter = 6in + 8in + 10in = 24in.

If two triangles are similar are they congruent?

no: if you have two triangles with the same angle measurements, but one has side lengths of 3in, 4in, and 5in and the other has side lengths of 6in, 8in, and 10in, then they are similar. Congruent triangles have the same angle measures AND side lengths.

What is the area of the parallelogram 10in 8in 13in?

Since both pairs of sides of a parallelogram are congruent, there can only be two or less different side lengths.

What is 20ft subtracted by 10in?

20ft subtracted by 10in = 10

Is it possible to draw a right triangle with the following side length 4 in 10in and 14 in show work?

No, it is impossible to draw any triangle with those side lengths:For a triangle to exist the sum of the shorter sides must exceed (ie be greater than) the longest sides.The sum of the shorter sides is 4 in + 10 in = 14 in which is the same as the longest side; thus those sides cannot form any triangle.

How tall is 5ft 10in in cm?

5ft 10in is equal to 177.8 cm

What are the different dimensions that would create a box with a volume of 100 inches cubed?

Some examples are: 10in x 10in x 1in = 100in3 10in x 5in x 2 in = 100in3 50in x 2in x 1in = 100in3 25in x 4in x 1in = 100in3 25in x 2in x 2in = 100in3

What is the volume of a box 12in long by 10in high by 10in wide?

1200 cubic inches

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