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4: h/h, h/t, t/h & t/t

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Q: Kellie flips a dime and then a quarter How many results are possible?
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How many possible outcomes are there when flipping a coin 11 times?

Two possible outcomes for each flip. 2,048 possible histories of 11 flips.

When tossing 2 coins the probability of getting exactly 1 tail is one over 3?

No, the possible results of two coin flips are; HH HT TH TT The probability of getting exactly one tail is 1/2 or 50%.

What is the probability of getting at least 2 heads in three flips of a fair coin?

In three flips of a fair coin, there are a total of 8 possible outcomes: T, T, T; T, T, H; T, H, T; T, H, H; H, H, H; H, H, T; H, T, H; H, T, T Of the possible outcomes, four of them (half) contain at least two heads, as can be seen by inspection. Note: In flipping a coin, there are two possible outcomes at each flipping event. The number of possible outcomes expands as a function of the number of times the coin is flipped. One flip, two possible outcomes. Two flips, four possible outcomes. Three flips, eight possible outcomes. Four flips, sixteen possible outcomes. It appears that the number of possible outcomes is a power of the number of possible outcomes, which is two. 21 = 2, 22 = 4, 23 = 8, 24 = 16, .... Looks like a pattern developing there. Welcome to this variant of permutations.

What is the probability of a coin landing heads up on two consecutive flips?

In an infinite series of flips it is 1 = a certainty.In only two flips it is 1/4.In an infinite series of flips it is 1 = a certainty.In only two flips it is 1/4.In an infinite series of flips it is 1 = a certainty.In only two flips it is 1/4.In an infinite series of flips it is 1 = a certainty.In only two flips it is 1/4.

What is the expected number of flips of a coin to simulate a six-sided die?

Five coin flips. Any outcome on a six-sided die has a probability of 1 in 6. If I assume that the order of the outcome does not matter, the same probability can be achieved with five flips of the coin. The possible outcomes of five flips of a coin are as follows: 5 Heads 5 Tails 4 Heads and 1 Tails 4 Tails and 1 Heads 3 Heads and 2 Tails 3 Tails and 2 Heads For six possible outcomes.

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