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I understand there is a blunting of the personality, apathy, and irresponsibility and that these things are the rule rather than the exception.

Other side effects include distractibility, childishness, facetiousness, lack of tact or discipline, and post-operative incontinence.

The USSR officially banned this procedure in 1950. Doctors in the Soviet Union concluded that the procedure was "contrary to the principles of humanity" and that it turned "an insane person into an idiot."

So we might add 'idiocy' as a side effect that is very likely.

Rosemary Kennedy, sister of President John F. Kennedy, underwent a lobotomy at age 23 which left her permanently incapacitated.

So let's add 'permanent incapacitation' to our list.

A narrator of movie is shocked and says: "There's nothin' in the face. Just like one of those store dummies."

One patient's surgery changes him from an acute to a chronic mental condition. "You can see by his eyes how they burned him out over there; his eyes are all smoked up and gray and deserted inside."

Dr. James Gilligan, a past director of Massachusetts' prison mental hospital and serving as a technical advisor for a movie states:

'We worked together to make sure the story reflected a true war that was going on in the mid-20th century within the psychiatric community: a war between those clinicians who wanted to treat these patients with new forms of psychotherapy, education and medicine, and those who regarded the violent mentally ill as incurable and advocated controlling their behavior by inflicting irreversible brain damage, including indiscriminate use of shock treatment and crude forms of brain surgery, such as lobotomies.

I believe any individual is always free to change his mind or create new attitudes, but the bottom line is that this type of brain surgery does irreversible physical damage to the brain and that was most certainly the actual intention of the person that did it.

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Q: Lobotomy side effects 5 to 10 years later?
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