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Can you answer this magic square problem with the following numbers its a 3 x 3 matrix, 1, -1, 2, -2, 3, -3, 4, -4, and 0? Thanks!

Sure I will answer it for you !!

Here is the answer:

-3 4 -1

2 0 -2

1 -4 3

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Q: Magic squares 3x3 using regular and negative numbers?
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How do you work out magic squares with negative numbers?

kvbubnjbvhufbv bhkfbx batik tani buatos is [retuy

What is an answer to a 4x4 magic squares with 10-5 numbers?

swer in a 4x4 magic squares with 10-=25 numbers in each column?

What is magic about the arrangement of the numbers in the 8x8 cell square?

While they may have been called magic squares, there is absolutely nothing magical about them. The arrangement of numbers in magic squares is all very rational.

What is special about Magic Squares?

Magic squares are grids of numbers that add up to the same number in each row, each column and both long diagonals. ■

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It is an infintesimal amount of numbers.

Is pascal's triangle related to magic squares?

no the magic squares is a way different thing

How does math work in magic squares?

The horizontal, vertical and diagonal numbers will all be the same sum when added together.

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How many unique 3x3 magic squares can you make using the numbers 1 through nine only once?


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Magic squares are grids of numbers arranged in specific ways so that the rows and columns (and frequently, the major diagonals) add up to the same value. In the occult, magic squares are created of specific sizes and including specific ranges of numbers which are believed to have sympathy with specific spirits/gods/etc and are used to create sigils- a magical glyph of the entity's name.

3x3 magic square using positive and negative numbers?

123 123 123

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If reflections and rotations are excluded, there is only one.