Monsignor Clara the postulant nun

Updated: 10/18/2022
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Only a priest can be a Monsignor in The Catholic Church. Monsignor is merely used as an honorary distinction of faithfulness to God and The Church.

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Q: Monsignor Clara the postulant nun
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What is a woman in the process of becoming a nun called?

A woman in the process of becoming a nun is typically referred to as a postulant. This stage is the initial period of formation and discernment before taking formal religious vows.

What is a postulant's cap?

A postulant is a person taking the first step in religious life before entering the novitiate and receiving a habit. As this is before they receive a veil, in traditional religious orders, the postulant receives a cap with which to cover her head.

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I believe you are confusing reality with the dramatic play- later movie called Sister Act. a female gangster impersonates a nun- and well later gets caught up in the spiritual side. Nobody with a homicide conviction would even be considered as a candidate or postulant for the Religious vocation in real life. as for singing nuns- we have the movie The Singing Nun- no crime angles there, and both the play and movie The Sound of Music.

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