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1 acre of healthy grass is about 60,000,000,000,000

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Q: Number of blades on a grass field?
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How many blades of grass are in a square inch?

There could be as many as 100 blades of grass in one square inch of lawn. This number could double if the grass is very lush.

How do Field Crickets get food?

Crickets use their teeth to chew up grass blades.

How many blades of grass are there per square meter?

The number of blades of grass per square meter can vary widely depending on factors such as grass species, mowing frequency, and soil conditions. On average, there can be hundreds to thousands of grass blades per square meter in a healthy lawn.

How many blades of grass are on a soccer field?

the dimensions for the soccer field were width= 64m length=100m and the thickness of one grass blade is 1 milimeter since 1m is equal to 1000 milimeter so you multiply 64000 x 100000=6,400,000,000 and is the answer fo these dimensions using this method you can find any amount of blades of grass in a soccer field.

How many blades of grass make a million?

a million blades of grass!

How many blades of grass on a football field?

First you would have to determine how many were in a smaller area like 1 square foot. This you would have to actually count. Then you would have to figure how many square feet there were to a football field. 150' X 300' equals 45,000 square feet. Multiply the number of blades of grass that you counted in one square foot, times 45,000 and that would tell you approximately how many blades there were. This would be a guess. Or if the field is astroturf then it's easy. Zero. Well there's about 10 blades of grass on a square inch keeping in mind that there's about 39 inches in a meter u do 39x39=15210 per square meter a football field measures about 110 m x 49m... if u take 110x 49= 5390m is the area of a football field u take 5390(area of the football field in meters)x15210(the amount of grass blades in a square meter u get 81,981,900 grass blades on a football field in other words.. 5390x15210= 81, 981,900 blades of grass on a football field per square meter....i only did this because my physics teacher asked us this question n i was online looking for the answer n i found none that were useful n i decided since i found the answer half an hour later to post the answer n the method i used....hope this helps

How many blades of grass is in the world?

Waaaay too many to count. Think of it this way: one acre of grassland can hold as many as over a million blades of grass. Now think of the billions of acres of grassland, lawns and pastures in the world and how many blades of grass are in those. Quite a few, right?

What is a sentence using the word blades of grass?

My grand-dad used to make whistles out of blades of grass.

Why does grass not have leaves?

It does. Blades of grass are in fact specialized leaves.

A yard is 20 feet by 8 feet there are 120 blades of grass per squire inch how many blades of grass in the entire lawn?

There are 144 square inches to the sq. 120 blades of grass per sq. inch it would have 17,280 blades to every sq. foot. 17,280 blades times 160 square feet of surface to the lawn would equal 2,764,800 blades of grass.

How many bey blades are in the world?

their are 50 grass bey blades in the world.I know cause i have been collecting bey blades since 2008.And i have all the grass bey blades and all the l-dragos.

How many blades of grass are there?