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Q: One kilogram is the same as what?
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What is heavier One kilogram of feathers or One kilogram of bricks?

They weigh the same.

How many kilo grams in one kilo?

One kilogram is equal to 1 kilogram.

How many kg are in are in 1kg?

A kilogram and a kilogram are the same unit. Therefore, one kilogram is equal to one kilogram.

Are 1 kilogram or 1471651 milligrams the same?

One kilogram is equivalent to 1,000,000 (one million) milligrams.

What weighs more one kilogram of feathers or one kilogram of nails?

Neither. They both weigh the same.

Which is heavier 1kg of steel or 1kg of water?

Both of them are just the same. A kilogram is the same as akilogram

Which is heavier 1kg iron or 1kg wool?

Not sure if this is a serious question but...A kilogram is a unit of mass, or in this case, weight.A kilogram is a kilogram.One kilogram of anything is a kilogram.1 kg of iron = 1 kg of wool.

What would have the larger mass a kilogram of lead or a kilogram of feathers?

A kilogram is a measure of mass therefore a kilogram of lead and a kilogram of feathers have the same mass: one kilogram. They would, however, have different volumes and densities.

Which is closer to 2 t 2100 kilogram or 1900 kilogram?

Neither - they are same distance apart - one is higher one is lower.

Which one is heavier 1 kilogram gold or 1 kilogram lead?

They both weigh one kg, so they should have the same weight.

Is a kilogram of playground sand heavier than a kilogram of marbles?

No. A kilogram is a kilogram is a kilogram. On the other hand, a kilogram of sand will most likely be a different size than a kilogram of gravel. We are told by the question though that they both weigh one kilogram, so they are the same weight.

Which weighs the most 0.01 kilogram or 10 grams?

They are both equally massive. One one hundredth of a kilogram IS 10 grams.