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Only the postgraduates are eligible for which post is the right preposition.

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Q: Only postgraduates are eligible for to the postwhich is the right preposition?
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what part of speech is through preposition right?


Is right a preposition?

"Right" can function as a preposition when indicating direction or location. For example, in the phrase "She stood right next to me," "right" is acting as a preposition indicating the position of the person.

What is the verb of eligible?

Its eligible- having the right to do something

The brothers foughtover on a trivial issue.what is the right preposition in this sentence?

The brothers fought over a trivial issue is the right preposition.

Is right now a preposition?

No, "right now" is typically not considered a preposition in English. Instead, it is often classified as an adverbial phrase that indicates the present time.

The definition of eligible?

The word eligible means having the right to obtain or do something

What is right of speech?

I'm pretty sure right is a preposition.

What part of speech is right?

I'm pretty sure right is a preposition.

Is perpendicular to a preposition?

No, "perpendicular" is not a preposition. It is an adjective that describes a relationship between two lines or planes that intersect at a right angle.

What preposition comes after the verb turn?

The preposition "into" or "to" comes after the verb "turn." For example, "turn into a frog" or "turn to the right."

Is right side a preposition?

No. The word side is a noun. The word right is an adjective.

What is the right preposition to use with the word 'admit'?

"Admit to"