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Prime factorization is factoring a number down to its prime numbers.

Example: Prime factorization of 12 :


3 x 4

3 x 2 x 2

^ That is a factor tree

which shows the

prime factorization

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Q: Prime factorization of a given number?
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How dod you find the number with the given prime factorization?

You multiplied the given prime factorization to find the number.

What is the prime factorization for the number given 40.144?

Prime factorization refers to whole numbers, not decimals.

What is the number of the given prime factorization 9x5x11?

The given sentence isn't a prime factorization since 9 isn't prime. The correct prime factorization of 495 is 3 x 3 x 5 x 11

Find the number with the given prime factorization 7x11x13x17?


What is the definishion of prime factorization?

The expression of a given composite number as the product of prime numbers.

What is the definition and purpose of prime factorization?

Prime factorization is the result of expressing a number as the product of its prime factors. It will assist you in finding the GCF and LCM of any given number set.

How does the prime factorization of numbers work?

Prime factorization is a common mathematical tool. One uses prime factorization to determine what prime factors of any given number are. One can practice this tool online.

What is the given prime factorization of 2x2x5x7x11?

That's the prime factorization of 1540.

How do you write out the prime factorization of a prime number?

The prime number is the prime factorization. For example, the prime factorization of the prime number 3 is 3. Get it?

What is prime factor decomposition?

Prime Factor Decomposition is breaking down a given number into prime factors, its prime factorization.

What is prime factortization?

Prime factorization is the process of determining all of the prime factors of a given number. Prime factors are the prime numbers that when multiplied together give you the number to be factored. For example the prime factorization of 30 is 15 x 2

Which prime factorization was given these numbers 225711?

Prime factorization of 225711 is 3x3x31x809.

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