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Real World polynomials are used in many things like .....


1. You are planning a rectangular garden. Its length is twice it's width x. You want a walkway 2 ft wide around the garden.

a. Write an expression for the area of the garden and walk.

b. Write an expression for the area of the walk only

You have enough gravel to cover 76ft2 and want to use it all on the walk. How big should you make the garden?

Connection Financial Planning

Suppose you deposit $200 for college in a savings account that has an annual interest rate r. At the end of three years, the value of your account will be 2000(1 + r)3 dollars.

A. Rewrite the expression 2000 (1 + r)3 by finding the product 2000(1 + r) (1 + r)( 1 + r). Write your answer in standard form.

B. Find the amount of money in the account if the interest rate is 3%

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Q: Real world examples where polynomials are used?
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