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Actually, business students are more likely to take bothstatistics and calculus since students are more likely to do computation. Business jobs deal with the great uses of calculus, matrix algebra, statistics and programming.

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Q: Should business students take calculus or stats?
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What are importance of statistics?

Statistics is a very effective tool, in which you look at past data from surveys or census', or simply recorded data over a period of time. It is important because using stats you can view past data to help make business decisions, or decisions within any workplace. You can do a statistical test to find out if a new idea or business decision should be considered or rejected. They say "history repeats itself", well by analysing historical data you can find out where past mistakes were made and how to avoid repeating them.

What would be more beneficial to a future English major hoping to be an author taking ap calculus or ap statistics senior year of high school?

6 of one, half doze of another. I would look up what college you want to go to, and see what the basic liberal arts requirements are so you can test out of them (if they require calc, take calc but if they require stats, take stats). I recomend calc though, because even if you do poorly, its the basis of all the math you will do in college, and the basis of other science courses and it will give you a 'jumpstart' on the course in college.

What is the difference between math and discrete math?

In discrete math, solution are distinct and separated. For example we look at how many ways something can happen,and that number is a natural number. We look at how many ways to color a graph and the answers are distinct. When we look at solutions in many other areas of math, the answers are not distinct, we may have an answer like Pi, or square root of 2.In stats, we can look at the temperature as a variable and let is take on any value, not just integers. In calculus, which is not discrete, the answers are rarely distinct natural numbers.

What is a palindromes for numbers on a chart?


How is a venn diagram used?

A Venn diagram can be used to compare and contrast two or more different items. It consists of two (or more) overlapping circles - so there is a small region of overlap between the circles. Generally, they can be used to illustrate the similarities and differences between two or more items. For instance, a Venn diagram could be used to compare lamps and flashlights. Both produce light (that information would go in the middle of the Venn diagram, where the circles overlap), but the lamp must be plugged in, while the flashlight runs on battery power (those pieces of information would go in the outsides of the circle - differences). Venn diagrams can also be used for probability, logic, stats, etc. By putting one situation or characteristic in each circle, you can determine the probability of one or both of the scenarios occurring. In this use of the Venn diagram, the region of overlap represents the time when both of the situations occur. For example, one could compare the number of students who have brown hair with the number of students who are more than 5 feet tall. Students with both of these characteristics would be placed in the middle of the Venn diagram (the overlap), while students with just one of these characteristics would fall in the outer edges of the circles.

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Do you absolutely need to take stats or calculus to further your business studies in Uni?


If you wish to major in psychology should you take ap calculus or ap stats?

My advice is to definitely take statistics, I believe that it is required for a bachelor's degree in psychology, at least in New York State. It is also required that students take Research Methods 1 and 2 (or Experimental methods 1 & 2)which rely very very heavily on statistics and a strong knowledge of the subject will be very helpful. As for the calculus, it's not required but if you're interested in the subject then take it as an elective, it can only help when you're applying to grad school. You should talk to your guidance counselor on this. Getting information from them will help you make an informed decision. Like previously said, you should definetly take statistics and calculus is always a plus to see on a transcript. And when i was in high school i took an AP Psychlogy course as well as Psychology I and Psychology II. Im not sure if your school offers those courses but if they do you should definetly take them.

What math class comes after algebra 2?

The courses you can take really depend in the High School you are in (I will assume that you are referring to High School Courses). After algebra, most schools allow Pre Calculus. Pre Calculus is basically just like algebra two, just with more trigonometry and deeper exploration of math. Then, one can take the flower of math, Calculus. In schools that offer Advance Placement (AP) courses, will offer AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC. Calculus was divided into parts, here A, B and C. I have heard of a D section, but is not taught in many high schools. Separate from the Calculus course tree we have statistics. One can take statistics, followed by AP Stats. (One might be able to skip statistics should they be competent enough for AP Stats.) There is also a branch of Math called Discrete Mathematics, that concerns mostly on logic, that is separate from other math course tree.There could be other math courses, such as Further Mathematics, but the courses stated above are the most common courses offered.

Why is statistical significance not necessarily of practical importance to a business decision?

Some data in statistics can affect numbers, which will skew the data. When this happens managers should make business decisions that ignore the stats.

Choose the School with Strong Employment Stats?

A student should always take the time to research various factors of colleges. One of these factors should be the employment statistics of a school. If a college is renowned for placing students in great careers, then a student should place this school at the top of his or her list of potential schools to attend.

How many students are attending University of California Davis?

You can find the stats on . Just search for uc Davis

What do you think are your weaknesses in taking your course?

In the early stages of education, students decide what courses may be easy or difficult for them. For example: There are students who are not good at number crunching so they try to stay away from finance, accounting, mathematics and Stats courses. On the other hand, there are students who feel comfortable in number crunching courses.

What is involved in the subject bmg0101 introduction to business?

bmg0101 must be the code of the subject. Introduction to business is a very wide subject which gives you introduction of many subject related to business i.e. economics,stats,business ethics and even human rights. it is a really interesting subject which absorbs you in it.

Name two high school subjects required for entry into a career in science?

In New Zealand schools, the recommended subjects to get into science include: chemistry, biology, physics and english, with one of either calculus, stats and another subject like geography or classics.

Total number of college going students in India during 2008?

Latest stats from Indian government available here ... but they are for year 2005-06, hope this helps

How exactly would smart boards be beneficial to business?

Smart Boards are nice because you can set them up at business meetings and it is like a power point presentation but not on a computer. You can show people stats easier.

Is There Any Limit On The Use Of A Small Business Loan?

Small business loans can be used for a many business-related functions, including buying business equipment, expanding your business, buying stock, hiring workers and much more. There are also some lenders in the market that have restrictions on how the borrowed amount can be used or which industries it will lend to, therefore it is important to check this stats before you apply.