Should you fail students

Updated: 11/2/2022
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Yes. Generally, if a course is taken for credit, the school will require a teacher to both instruct and evaluate students in the particular area. The intent of evaluation is to make the awarding of credit for the course meaningful. In doing the evaluation, there has to be a point system, below which no credit can be given. The means of evaluation are a different subject, very subjective and goes beyond the question asked.

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Q: Should you fail students
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Why do students fail mathematics?

A student may fail mathematics because he/she did not study, did not attend class, or did not understand the lesson material.

What percentage of students fail math?

The question is so poorly specified that it is impossible to give a sensible answer. It does not specify where, or at what level.

Why student fail mathematics?

Mathematics is believed to be the key for all other subjects but it is supperising that most students fail it and yet pass other subject.I believe there is no work that you can do without applying mathematics.Consider an individual walking from his home to work in the city, he has in mind how long it is from his home to the place of work and what time he takes to arrive at work and he therefore use mathematics to survive the challenge of travelling and arriving on time.The question now is why do students fail mathematics?I think students only fail the class room mathmatics but they have often applied mathematics in their daily lives to solve problems. The following are some of the reasone students fail mathematics:Negative attitude towards mathematics.Fear due to pressure from friends that mathematics is hard.Failure of the teachers to give proper and simple explanation of mathematical terms.Limited or even lack of learning materials by the students. consider the a student who is going in a lesson of bearing without a set and a culculator, this student can hardly get any thing and yet mathematics needs practice.Lack of enough practice by the students.

Why do students failed in mathematics?

A student may fail mathematics because he/she did not study, did not attend class, or did not understand the lesson material.

Applications of partial derivatives in engineering?

It is use to fail the engineering students in final exam.... best use of it to make the student,s life hell....

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Why should the no fail policy be continued in schools?

There are different opinions about this, but one is that the no fail policy should NOT be continued in schools. Though some believe it should be discontinued because they believe it harms students' self esteem to fail, it is important for students to learn what they are being taught. If they cannot show that they have learned it, they should fail, not to be mean, but because the no fail policy could affect their lives negatively when they get out of school. Students need to learn that at least minimum standards need to be met.

Why do students fail in science?

students fail in science because science is hard(:

Why should students work during high school year?

If u dint work u will FAIL

How man students fail in school because of not eating right?

Students fail in school if they are not studying not for not eating right

Why do students fail middle schools?

Students fail middle school because they probably want to act cool like there friends.

How many students fail because of drugs?

all of them

He who fail to plan plans to fail?

you should have a comma after "plan" and "fail" should have an "s" at the end. Irony FAIL!

How do they fail to supports students who are being bullied?

because they are ignorant.

Is anybody fail in bbm final year students in viva?


Do students fail to focus on class?

Some do some don't.

Should students that fail a class get their license revoked?

I believe students who are failing a class should not have their license revoked because what if they are in AP classes or are just not good at that subject. My question is what do they have to do with each other? What if you pass your drivers test with no problem but your not good at biology or career passport? Should that mean you should be aloud to get your license?

How many people fail high school each year?

About only one to ten students in each district. there are way more passing students than failing students