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the public controls the economy

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Q: Socialist believe economic equality is only possible if?
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Socialists believe economic equality is only possblie if?

the public controls the economy.

What did most members of the socialist party believe?

A true socialist has ons singular belief that exerts massive power in a nation. A socialist government is one where the major means of production are owned and controlled by the government. With this power, it has a huge amount of leverage over a nation.

Did Rousseau believe in the equality of men women?

He didn't not believe in equality.

Abraham Lincoln why he believe in equality?

Actually, he did not believe in racial equality, but he did believe in emancipation of the slaves.

How has equality been achieved?

Equality in what? I don't believe there's proper equality in anything.

What do patriots believe?

independence and equality

What state believes in equality?

Wyoming. siks believe in equality so wherever they live...

What is tenant of equality?

One tenet of equality is that things are the same across the board. This can vary somewhat, for instance some believe equality means similar opportunity, and others believe equality means a more complete leveling of the playing field.

Did Rousseau believe men and women were equal?

He didn't not believe in equality.

How was Marcus Garvey different from civil rights leaders apex?

He did not believe that equality could be achieved

Do Pentecostals believe in the Economic Trinity?

Pentecostals do not believe in the Economic Trinity.

Did Galileo believe in equality?

His biography doesn’t tell us that information. In his time no one believed in equality.