The number 61 is a prime or a composite number?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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kay comedy

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61 is a Prime number

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Curtis Strite

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Q: The number 61 is a prime or a composite number?
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Is 61 a composite number or a prime?

61 is prime.

Is the number 61 a prime or composite or neither?

61 is prime

Are 51 and 61 prime?

51 is a composite number but 61 is a prime number

Is these prime or composite or neither 15 21 31 26 61?

31 and 61 are prime, the rest composite.

Is 61 and 51 a prime number?

ANSWER: 61 is a prime number but 51 is a composite number.61 is a prime number because the factors of 61 are 1 and itself (61).51 is a composite number because the factors of 51 other 1 and itself (51) are 3 and 17.

Is 61 composite or prime explain?

61 is a prime number

Is 61 composite or prime?

61 has only two factors, 1 and 61, which means that it is a prime number. There are no other integers that are factors of 61. (A composite number can be divided by numbers besides 1 and itself.)

Is 61 composite?

is the number 61 composite? no. it comes to the conclusion that is not composite because it is not divisible with any other number. Thus, 61 is a prime number. it is only divisible by 1 and 61

Is 61 a prime number of composite number?

I think it's prime. But whenever you wanted to know a number is prime or composite, use this site. It must be usefull:prime-calculator dot com

Which number is not a composite number 13-63-61 or 31?

13 prime 63 composite 61 prime 31 prime Well the question should have been either, Which one of these numbers is not a composite number? Or, Which one of these numbers is not a prime number?

Is 51 and 61 prime or composite?

51 composite, 61 prime.

Is 1891 a prime number or a composite number?

1891 is not prime. 1891 = 31 * 61