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Since the vertex angle is 64⁰, the base angle is 58⁰, (180⁰ - 64⁰ )/2.

Using the Law of Sines we have

side length/sin 58⁰ = 3 cm/sin 64⁰ (multiply by sin 58⁰ to both sides)

side length = (3 cm)(sin 58⁰)/sin 64⁰ ≈ 2.8 cm

Thus, the congruent sides of the given isosceles triangle have a length of 2.8 cm.

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Q: The base of an isosceles triangle is 3 cm in lenght and the angle opposite the base measure 64 degrees Find the lenght of each of the component sides?
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How many degrees in an isosceles tringle?

All triangles have a total of 180 degrees. In an isosceles triangle the two angles opposite the side of equal length will have equal degrees.

How many degrees is there in an isosceles triangle?

because an isosceles triangle or any kind of triangle is 180 degrees.

Is a right triangle can be isosceles?

Yes. Only if the other two angles of the right triangle are congruent and each equal 45 degrees. Then using the isosceles triangle theorem, you know that the two sides opposite the angles are congruent.

What degree angles has an isosceles triangle?

a isosceles has 180 degrees

How many degrees are in the angle of an isosceles triangle?

There is 180 degrees in every triangle.

What kind of triangle has angles 50 degrees 65 degrees and 65 degess?

Isosceles Triangle. An isosceles triangle is a triangle with (at least) two equal sides/ angles.

How many degrees does a right isosceles have?

The right isosceles triangle has 180 degrees as all triangles do

What is a triangle with a 90 degrees called?

a right triangle

What type of triangle has an angle that measures 120 degrees and an angle that measures thirty degrees for kids?

It is an obtuse angled isosceles triangle.It is an obtuse angled isosceles triangle.It is an obtuse angled isosceles triangle.It is an obtuse angled isosceles triangle.

What is the degrees of an isosceles triangle?

An isosceles triangle has 3 interior angles that add up to 180 degrees, and 2 of its angles are equal and two of its sides are equal.

What is the degrees of an acute isosceles triangle?

101 degrees :p

A triangle with two congruent sides and an angle of 104 degrees is?

A triangle with two congruent sides is isosceles. A triangle with an angle of 104 degrees is obtuse. So you would have an obtuse isosceles triangle.