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H= v over pie r to the second

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2011-09-27 23:00:28
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Q: The following is the volume formula for a circular cylinder V equals pie r to the second power Solve for h?
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Formula to find volume of the cylinder?

The volume of the cylinder equals pi r^2 h

What is the D15 in the formula If cell D15 contains the formula equals C5D15?

The formula will not work because it is referencing itself which will cause a circular reference.

What is the formula for the radius of a cylinder?

rc = d/2Radius equals diameter divided by 2.In a right circular cylinder there are 2 circles - one of the base and one on the top of the cylinder. If we are going to get the radius of one of them, it will be equal to one-half the measure of the diameter of the whole circle, or r = d/2.

V equals pi r squared h?

Formula for the volume of a cylinder.

Volume of a cylinder formula?

Volume equals pi times radius2 times height

What is the formula for finding the surface area of the wall of a cylinder?

Divided into 3 sections (the rounded middle-section and the two circular ends), the surface afrea is equal to the area of the circular end multiplied by two (which equals pi X the radius of the circle squared) plus the circumference of the circular end multiplied by the length of the cylinder. Therefore total surface area = 2(pi X radius squared) + length(pi X 2 X radius)

What if you don't enter equals before formula in Excel?

Then it will not be treated as a formula. It will appear literally as you type it. Because cell references and functions begin with letters Excel needs the equals sign to tell it that what is following is a formula and not just a piece of text. You can actually also start a formula with a plus sign or minus sign, but an equals sign will automatically be added.

Formula for surface area of a cylinder?

2 times pi times the radius squared plus 2 times pi times the radius times the height equals surface area of a cylinder :]

What is V equals Pi r2h?

V = {pi} r2 h is the formula for the volume (V) of a cylinder of radius r and height h.

What is the total surface area of a cylinder whose radius equals 6cm and height equals 30cm?

A cylinder has 2 circular ends and the curved side. If the cylinder was a drinks can, then it could be cut down from one ciircular end to the other and the side uncurled to give a rectangle with one dimension the height of the cylinder and the other the circumference of the circular end. Thus the surface area of a cylinder is twice the area of an end plus the circumference of the end times the height of the cylinder: area = 2{pi}r2 + 2{pi}rh = 2{pi}r(r + h) = 2{pi}6(6 + 30) = 12{pi}36 = 432{pi} ~= 1357.2 cm2

Why should a formula start with an equal sign?

It tells Excel that there is a formula and that it should be calculated. Without the equals sign it is treated as a bit of text. After the equals most formulas the have a letter, as part of the name of a function or a cell reference. Doing the following is just a bit of text for a cell: SUM(A2:A230) Whereas doing the following is a formula to sum the values from A2 to A30: =SUM(A2:A30) There are times you will want to type some text into a cell that could be a formula, so it is the equals sign that tells Excel that it is a formula.

What is the formula to calculate the height of a cylinder Volume equals 14137cm3 Radius equals 6cm What is the Height of the Cylinder?

volume = pi*radius2*height Rearrange the formula by dividing all terms by pi*radius2: height = volume/pi*radius2 height = 14137/pi*36 = 124.9985239 cm. Therefore: height = 125 cm to the nearest cm.

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