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malay ko ba haha ako nga nagtatanong eh tpos ako rin pla ang sasagot hahahah :)

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Q: The intersection of set of all positive integers to the set of positive even integers is the set of positive integers?
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All whole numbers that are positive negative or zero are called?

They are called integers. Fractions and decimals are NOT integers, even if it has a positive or negative sign.

How are 24 38 16 and 56 related?

They are all positive even integers.

How many integers are there in the numerals?

All the numerals are integers (positive integers)

Are positive and negative numbers integers?

yes integers are all numbers negative and positive

Is all nonnegative integers are positive integers?

No. 0 is a non-negative integer which is not positive.

Are all integers positive?

The set of integers includes negative integers as well as positive integers. It also includes the number zero which is neither negative nor positive.

What is the sign of the product when you multiply four integers?

The sign of the product of four integers depends on the signs of the individual integers. There are 4 cases: 1) When all 4 integers share the same sign and all are non-zero (either all are positive or all are negative), the product is positive. 2) When 3 of the 4 integers share the same sign and all are non-zero (3 are positive and 1 is negative; or 3 are negative and 1 is positive), the product is negative. 3) When 2 of the integers are positive non-zero and the other 2 of the integers are negative non-zero, the product is positive. 4) If even one of the integers is zero, the product is zero (no sign - it is neither positive nor negative).

Are all positive numbers integers?


What numbers always have an even number of factors?

All positive integers which are not perfect squares.

Are all integers even?

All integers are whole numbers that can be odd or even

What is the sum of all even integers from 2 to 500 inclusive?

The formula n*(n+1) is used to find the sum of n positive integers. Th sum of positive integers up to 500 can be calculated as 250*251=62,750.

What is the sum of all positive integers and how is this idea useful?

The sum of all positive integers in infinite. I am not sure how this particular idea is useful.

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