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Vetal bhatt

Ghat karpar







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Q: The names of 9 gems in the court of chandragupta 2?
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Which Chinese traveler visited the court of Chandragupta -2?


Whai is the connection between Chandragupta and Chandragupta 2?

Chandragupta of the Gupta Dynasty was Grandfather in relation to Chandragupta Vikramaditya 2 and the father of Samudragupta. (He was different from the Chandragupta of Mauryan Dynasty).

Why was chandragupta 2 known as shakhari?

chandragupta 2 was the empire of shakhari . so,that is why he was called shakhari

What is the difference between chandragupta maurya and chandragupta?

Chandragupta Maurya was the founder of Mauryan Dynasty. Where as Chandragupta 1 was the founder of Gupta dynasty . And Chandragupta 2 (Vikramaditya) was the grandson of Chandragupta 1.By- Ritul Basu(If u liked it ,then please tell me on )

Who assumed the title Sakari?

Chandragupta 2

Who was Faizi from Akbar's court?

Faizi is one of the 9 gems of Akbar who was popular for 1)persian poetry and 2)hindi dohas

Who was the son of samudragupta who had great men like kalidas and aryabhata in his court?

Name the son of samudragupta who had great men like Kalidasa and Aryabhatta in his courtName the son of samudragupta who had great men like Kalidasa and Aryabhatta in his court

What changes did Chandragupta 2 bring to India?

the american revolution.

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When and how did Chandragupta2 take the title of Vikramaditya?

when did chandragupta 2 take the title of vikramaditya

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