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Based on your description, it could be 9,4, or 1.

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Q: The number is a factor of 72 multiple choice of 3 and its a perfct square what is the square number?
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-with a time machine. cause its fun. i like my answer. it's short, simple, and to the point. :) P.S. sry science guy, i only like bill nye!!!!-I'd like to start off by saying that time travel has always been my life's work. I am a very serious scientist in the field and reject many modern ttheories as pure science fiction."How do you travel through time and why?"Theretically, that's just it. You travel through time bytraveling through time. Now, try to understand that there is a serious problem with the way most scientists think about time travel, or that it is a controllable phenomenon. There are an unimaginable amount of concepts involved which, if my life's work is correct, should include these:The fact that it actually would take physical time totravel through time. We live in a four dimensional world. Traveling through time implies bending the strings which make up our very reality to transport into a whole nother dimension, from where we may jump back into our universe at a different dimensional angle, that angle inflicting upon time. From any other angle, we would be teleporting through space, which, according to my theory, is far more unlikely than traveling through time. However, this phenomenon taking place would take several years, even if one were traveling at 100%+11 the speed of light {this represnting the speed of light (+,x) 11, as one would have to traverse counterclockwise through all 11 dimensions of space-time-x to return back to their original physical space}, it would take an impractical amount of time for the return, thus wholly defeating the purpose of space-time travel. This might be a problem, since very few scientists are even remotey aware of this and do not pre-determine the amount of time it would take to travel through all these dimensions (an inconceivable 2.645396 years, although, believe it or not, this shouldn't be a problem. I will not disclose my solution for this problem for very serious reasons).Sorry that last one was so long, but please bare with me, here.There is also another serious problem with most scientists theories of time travel: They are under the impression that matter can be destroyed, or created. Understand this: Matter cannotbe destroyed or created under any circumstances. Why is this important to time travel? Bare with me as I try to explain through scenario. If one was to travel, say, a day back in time, they would, in affect, be distorting space time, since all the matter that compses them, is technically, brand new matter from a whole nother dimension. That's right, the universe, which has basically been recycling the same exact matter since its conception, is now, all of a sudden, disrupted by a new source of matter. You can forget about the speed of light, the whole universe would be destroyed instantly through this unprecedented chaos. In one instance, regardless of any particles distance from this new source, everything would be destroyed forever, reality torn to shreds. That mean our earth would be destroyed at, litrally, the exact same time as a planet on the absolute other side of the universe. I am working on a solution to travel back in time by artificial means, without destroying the universe forever (a spot of dry humor, there)This much I can disclose to the public as a sort of solution: If you can trade the exact amount of mass, 2gram for 2gram, particle for particle between all 11 space-time-x dimensions before coming back to your universe within your dimension (yes, my theory also proves without a shadow of a doubt, that our universe is contained inside of a whole dimension of four-dimensional universes), you may be able to trael without disrupting this balance even for the slightest point in time, and thus, achieve perfect time travel.There are many other flaws with the modern science communitie's views in time travel that I have uncovered over my life's work, but I will try to crack thee codes and more. Look out for my book/autobiography, American Time Machines: Deadlier Than Skipping Stones, next summer. It will have many of my ideas, but the rest of them wil be revealed by the time I perfct many thesis.-Wow I almost left only half-answering your "how" question. The odds of naturally traveling through time are so unlikely, that it will, that's right, not might, or even "most likely" will, but will never happen in the entire lifespan of our dimension, according to my work. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to travel through time naturally, though this is not myexpertise-An artificial time travel experience would require energy and technology not currently available to humanity. THis includes something like a star, which would have to be much smaller, and much more powerful, as well as something like a theoretical wormhole, which has not yet been proven to exist. Most importantly, the element fluorine is required for very complex reasons which will be fully revealed in my book.As for the why? Why not?u are asking why wood a person want to go back in time? maybe the want to change something they did in the post or relive a moment. like im sure u wood like to relive at least one day just to say yes instead or no or something else.if you could go back in time wood u love to c wat it was like when rome was at its greatest etcSorry Mr. Scientist, but time travel acording to Mwaaa is imposible and impracticle.-If it where (Einstein, being the father of Science) says this:(although it sounds a bit far fetched and plain out 'weird' this Universe is constantly doubling into new universes every single millisecond, meaning that every new universe is therefore NEW and there for on the day of initial coming into creation. Each Universe (says Einstein) is identical and their occurances are identical, and everything that happens in one Universe will happen in the other (but they cannot effect each other).That's where Time Travel comes into play... Einstein say the Universe was created (not saying how) and a millisecond later a new Universe was born, 1 millisecond behind the first. Now, he doesn't say weather every universe splits every millisecond, he just this one. So, if we want to get ten millisecond into the past, we have to go to Universe number ten. In that sense, we cannot go to the future because this universe is the furthest yet. The future (says I) doesn't exist. Also, this removes the chances of time paradoxes (the act of changing the present by doing something in the past and all). If you somehow enter a different Universe an kill your dad before you were born, THAT Universe's future is changed and different from this one's.However Einstein no sense in his explanation of how to get to an alternate or parallel Universe (something about copying every detail of yourself and this disintegrating and then passing through a foam cube or something and being re created as a replication of your in a different Universe.-I think that's VERY weird and I don't believe it, but I think everyone has a right to decide for himself.Another AnswerSome theories, most notably special and general relativity, suggest that suitable geometries of spacetime, or specific types of motion in space, might allow time travel into the past and future if these geometries or motions are possible. In technical papers, physicists generally avoid the commonplace language of "moving" or "traveling" through time ('movement' normally refers only to a change in spatial position as the time coordinate is varied), and instead discuss the possibility of closed timelike curves, which are worldlines that form closed loops in spacetime, allowing objects to return to their own past. There are known to be solutions to the equations of general relativity that describe spacetimes which contain closed timelike curves (such as Godel spacetime), but the physical plausibility of these solutions is uncertain. Physicists take for granted that if one were to move away from the Earth at relativistic velocities and return, more time would have passed on Earth than for the traveler, so in this sense it is accepted that relativity allows "travel into the future" (although according to relativity there is no single objective answer to how much time has 'really' passed between the departure and the return). On the other hand, many in the scientific community believe that backwards time travel is highly unlikely. Any theory which would allow time travel would require that problems of causality be resolved. The classic example of a problem involving causality is the "grandfather paradox": what if one were to go back in time and kill one's own grandfather before one's father was conceived? But some scientists believe that paradoxes can be avoided, either by appealing to the Novikov self-consistency principle or to the notion of branching parallel universes.