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Q: The speed of a person parachuting when the surface area?
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What can change the speed at which chemical reactions take place?

Enzymes EDIT from a different person: No! Catalysts, Temperature, Pressure, Concentration, Surface Area.

How does breaking up a solid speed dissolving in liquid?

By breaking up the solid, you are creating more surface area. Therefore, increasing the surface area will speed up dissolution.

Does surface area affect how fast a substance dissolves?

Yes, it is normal; a great surface area improve the speed of dissolution.

Will the speed of moving object affected by the area of surface contacted?


Will a smaller surface speed up a chemical reaction?

No. A smaller surface area will slow down a chemical reaction.

The speed with which wastes are produced by a cell depends on the cell's what?

it depends on its surface area

Does the size of the reactants affaect the speed of a chemical reaction?

Yes. The more surface area that is exposed, the greater the speed of the reaction.

The speed of a person parachuting when the surface area of the parachute is 100 square feet?

The decent rate will be significantly high on an open parachute because a 100 square foot parachute is considered to be very small. Therefore the wing loading is high and it is more likely to be a high performance parachute. High performance parachutes have a higher angle of attack and generally need to do a swoop (dive) landing to pick up enough wing speed for a safe landing. On touch down, the decent rate is the same as any other parachute for obvious reasons.

Does fluid friction vary with speed and area contact?

Fluid friction will vary with speed and the area of contact when referring to air friction or drag. When referring to surface friction then only the area of contact will vary.

How do the amount of a rock's surface area affect its rate of weathering?

A rock with a larger surface area will weather more rapidly than a rock with a smaller surface area. This is because weathering occurs at the surface of the rock, so more surface area means more exposure to weathering agents like water and air. As a result, rocks with more surface area will break down and deteriorate faster.

Why does crushing a substance speed up reaction rate?

You are increasing the surface area for the substance to react

What is the link between air resistance and surface area?

Air resistance is directly proportional to the surface area of an object. As the surface area of an object increases, there is more contact with air molecules, resulting in greater air resistance. This resistance can affect the speed and motion of the object.