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complementary angles

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Q: The total of the measures of two angles equals 90 degrees?
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What types of angles has the total measures of 180 degrees?

They are supplementary angles

Is the total of the measures of two angles is 180 degrees?

Only when they are supplementary angles

Find the sum of the interior measures of a regular hexagon?

Each interior angle of a regular hexagon measures 120 degrees. It has a total of 720 degrees of interior angles and a total of 360 degrees of exterior angles.

Is it possible for a triangle to have angles with measures 34 44 and 110 degrees?

A triangle's angles always total 180 degrees

Interior and exterior angles of a 30 sided polygon?

The total of the interior angles equal 5040, and each angle measures 168 degrees The total of the exterior angles equal 360, and each angle measures 12 degrees

How much angles are there in a triangle?

There are three angles in triangles, the measures of which total 180 degrees.

What is the total of an Hexagon interior angles?

The measures of the interior angles of a hexagon add up to 720 degrees.

The total of the measures of two what angles is 180 degree?

Two right angles (90 degrees each) equal 180 degrees (a straight angle).

Find the sum of the measures of the angles of a convex of a 18-gon?

its 2880 degrees total

What is the total of all the measures of all the angles in a regular octagon?

Interior angles add up to 1080 degrees Exterior angles add up to 360 degrees So: 1080+360 = 1440 degrees

Which set of angle measures total 360 degrees?

The sum of the exterior angles of a polygon add up to 360 degrees.

What are the measures of the exterior angles of an n-gon?

Total sum add up to 360 degrees.