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There are some Christmas gift stands that are shaped like rectangular pyramids.

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Q: Things shape as a rectangular pyramid?
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What is the shape of the base of a rectangular pyramid?

the shape of the base of a rectangular pyramid is a rectangle.

What is an example of a rectangular pyramid which is not a pyramid?

If it is rectangular pyramid then it must be pyramidal in shape: otherwise it would not be called that!

What 3 dimension shape has a rectangular base?

rectangular pyramid and rectangularprism

What shape is created by a cross section of a rectangular pyramid?

It is a rectangle which is similar to (but smaller than) the rectangular base.

What is the difference between the shape of a rectangular pyramid and a top down view of a rectangular pyramid?

The shape is 3 dimensional, the top down view is 2 dimensional.

What is a shape that has three-dimensional shape and one rectangular face and four triangular faces?

A rectangular-based pyramid.

What is a three dimensional shape with triangular faces and one rectangular base?

rectangular pyramid

Which shape has one and only one rectangular face?

A rectangular pyramid is one possible answer.

What shape has 4 triangular faces and 1 rectangular face?

A Pyramid ( As in Egypt).

What is the shape that has a pyramid w one fewer face than a square pyramid?

rectangular prism pyramid

What are the main differences between a rectangular prism and rectangular pyramid?

Rectangular Prism - A 3-D shape with 2 rectangular bases, with a total of 6 faces. Rectangular Pyramid - A 3-D shape with only 1 base that's a rectangle, with a total of 5 faces.

What shape does a triangular pyramid have that a rectangular prism doesnt have?

A triangle.