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Q: What 2 multiplication facts can help find 3x9?
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What multiplication facts can help you find 3X9?

The fact that 3 x 9 = 27

What two multiplication facts can be added to find 3X9?

break the nine into to numbers (3 and 6 because 3+6=9) Mulitply both of these numbers by 3 3x3=9 6x3=18 Then add together the products of the two numbers 18+9=27

what is 3x9 ones?

3x9 ones = 27

What multiplication problems equal 27?

3 x 9 = 27

How could you use 3 times 9 to help you find 9 times 3?

Yes, because it is the same thing...... 3x9=27 and 9x3=27 also!

Nathan paid 9 for each of the 3 books he brought at a bookstore. he can use the expression 3x9 to find the total amount he paid for the 3 books. which of the following is equal to 3x9?

It is 3 times 9 = 27

How can you break apart 3x9 to help multiply?

3x9=3x3x3=27 Not sure what you mean by break apart. One way to do it in your head if you need to and don't just know it is 27 is to say 3x10=30 which is easy because adding tens is easy for most people. Now 3x9 is one less 3 then 3x10. That is to say, think of 3x9 as 9 threes, and 10x3 as 10 threes. So 30-3 is 27

What is the answers for 3x9?


Is 3x9 a equation?


Explain how you can break apart 3x9 to help you multiply?

breaking the array 3x9=27 3x3=9 3x3=9 3x3=9 9+9+9=27 one more way of doing it is 3x3=9 and 3x6 =18 , 9+18 =27

Is 3 times 9 the same as 9 times 3?

Yes. 3x9=27 and it is the same with 9x3. It is called the commutative property which allows you to switch the order of numbers and keep the same answer. Multiplication and addition are commutative (not division nor subtraction).

What numbers multiply to get to 27?

3x9, 3x3x3, or 1x27