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A Pentagonal Pyramid. A pentagon (2D) has 5 vertices When you turn it into a pyramid it has 5 more. 5+5 is 10.

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Q: What 3D shape has exactly six faces and exactly ten edges?
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What object has six faces twelve edges and the faces are not congruent what shape is it?

a pentagonal pyrimad

What shape has 8 faces six corners and 12 edges?


What shape has 2 congruent bases five faces six vertices and nine edges?

Triangular prism. 9 faces, six vertices, and nine edges right?

What is a 3d shape with 6 edges and 4 triangular shaped faces?

a triangular pyramid has six edges and four triangular shaped faces

What shape has five faces six vertices and nine edges?

A triangular prism.

What is a shape that has 12 edges and six faces?

A cube, or any rectangular prism.

Which solid shape has four faces six edges and four vertices?

Triangular pyramid.

What is the name of 3 dimensional shape with 8 faces?

An octahedron is a polyhedron with eight faces, twelve edges, and six vertices

What is the name for a 3D shape with five faces six corners and nine edges?

It is a triangular prism.

How many edges and faces does a pentagonal pyramid have?

Ten edges , six faces and six vertices's

What is the name of the solid shape that has 3 faces that are rectangles and two faces that are triangles with nine edges and six vertices?

Triangular prism

What is the shape that has four congruent triangular faces four vertices six edges?

A TETRAHEDRON has four congruent triangular faces four vertices six edges. "Tetra" means "four" in Greek "Hedron" means "sided"