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A regular tetrahedron (an equilateral triangular pyramid).

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Q: What 3D shape has straight edges and no faces with a right angle?
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How many edges and faces does a right triangular prism have?

6 faces 1o edges and 8 corners

Do right angle have to be straight to be a right angle?

It has to be 90 degrees and yes, straight.

What is the relation between a straight angle and right angle using paper folding method?

a right angle is half of a straight angle

An angle that is wider than a right angle but narrower than a straight angle is called an angle?

Right angle (90) < Obtuse angle < Straight angle (180)

What is a right angle called?

Straight angle

What is the measure of a acute angle right angle and a straight angle?

Acute angle=45 degrees Right angle = 90 degrees Straight Angle=180 degrees.

How do you use engineer's square?

It is used to mark or scribe lines at 90 degrees (right angle) to a straight edge. Also used to check two adjacent edges are at 90 degrees (right angle)

How are straight angle's different from right angles Is this a statement?

A straight angle is an angle that is 180 degrees exactly (a straight line). A right angle is 90 degrees (like the corners of a square.)

What shape has a acute angle a right angle and a straight angle?

An acute angle is an angle less than 90 degrees. A right angle is 90 degrees. A straight angle is a straight line. For example: take a 90 degree angle and straighten it out to form a line, and it becomes a straight angle.

What is a 2 right angle equal to?

A straight angle.

What is a straight angle take away a right angle?

A right angle because 180* - 90* is 90* which is a right angle !

How many angles are larger than a right angle on a cube?

None of the angles between edges are greater than 90o - they are all 90o as each face is a square with a right angle at each corner, and each face is at right angles to the faces to which it is joined.

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