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Q: What Imperial measure of length is the smallest?
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What is the smallest imperial measure?


How do you measure length in feet?

With a "ruler" or "tape measure" calibrated in imperial units

An imperial unit used to measure length?

Inches and feet.

What imperial unit can be used to measure the length of a classroom?

A foot.

What it the smallest unit of length?

There are many units which are used to measure the lengths of the object . The smallest unit of length is fero meter.

What is 20 inches?

A measure of length or distance expressed in Imperial units.

What is 86.22 inches?

It is a measure of length or distance, using the old Imperial units.

Which imperial unit is most appropriate to measure the length of a piece of notepaper?


Is a foot used to measure length?

Yes. Inches, feet, yards, and miles are length measurements in the Imperial system.

What is 8.6 inches?

It is measure of length, in the old Imperial system, equivalent to 21.844 centimetres.

What are the smallest insects?

The smallest insects in the world are the fairy wasp. They measure a mere 0.2 mm in length and have no wings or eyes.

What is the smallest arthropod?

The fairyfly, a type of parasitic wasp, is considered the smallest arthropod. These tiny insects can measure around 0.139 mm in length.