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Two common units for mass are kilograms and grams

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Q: What Two example of common units for mass?
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What are two examples of common units of measuring?

Your height (centimetres) and mass (kilograms).

Give two examples of common units for mass and volume?

Mass: Pound and Gram Volume: Gallon and Litre.

What is the two most common metric units used to measure mass are?

watts and ohms

What happens to the mass and atomic number when there is an alpha decay?

The mass decreases by 4 units and the atomic number by two units.

What is the formula to calculate density and units?

Density = Mass/Volume. Conversion between units will depend on what the two units are.

Is the mass of an object different if it is measured in us units and metric units?

The mass would not change, only the numbers describing the amount of mass would change.

Name two SI units that can be used to describe the mass of smaller objects?

The SI units that can be used to describe the mass of smaller objects are grams (g) and milligrams (mg). These units are commonly used for measuring the mass of objects that are relatively light or small.

What are 2 common units of measuring dosage for an animal?

Two common units of measuring dosage for an animal are milligrams and milliliters.

What does 2 ounces mean?

Ounces are used both as units of mass/weight (older units normally did not clearly distinguish between the two), and as units of volume. There are also variations between different country. The most common use is as a unit of mass/weight; in this case, one ounce is 1/16 of a pount; usually about 28 grams.

What is the average mass of two atoms for beryllium?

The average mass of two atoms of beryllium is approximately 8.00 atomic mass units (amu).

What are two metric units of mass?

Grams, kilograms, milligrams, etc.

What are two units that scientists can use to describe mass?

grams, kilogram.