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Q: What age is predicted by the best-fit line for a height of 50 inches?
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What is the regulation height of a dart board?

The height of a regulation dartboard is 5'8" from the center of the bullseye to the floor, with a toe line at 7' 9.5" inches from the front of the board for steel tip darts.

How tall is a pinewood derby car?

7 inches 7 inches is the length of the car, not the height (aka tall). Pinewood Derby cars are generally less than 3 inches in height; however, the actual height varies based on the electronic judge sensors that attached to the finish line of the track. The cars run under these sensors, so it is the height of the sensors from the track that determines how tall a Pinewood Derby car can be. I've seen some that can accommodate cars that are 6 to 7 inches in height.

What is the average height of a bed?

Define "tall". The standard King size is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. The mattress thickness varies and can be anywhere from about four inches to well over a foot, depending on the brand and style.

If there is a line that is 15 inches through a circle how long is the line?

The line is 15 inches.

Do earthquakes ever exceed the predicted magnitude for their fault line?

That's pretty rare, but it has happened, and of course it happens when the earthquake never was predicted.

What is the difference between 235 70 r16 to 255 70 r16 in tire size?

235 / 70 / R16 is 29 inches in diameter , the section width is 9.3 inches and the section height is 6.5 inches =========================================================== 255 / 70 / R16 is 30.1 inches in diameter , the section width is 10 inches and the section height is 7 inches =========================================================== so , the bottom line is the larger size tire is 1.1 inches taller and the section width ( not the tread width ) is 7/10 ths of an inch wider

What is the height of NBA basketball goal in inches?

10 feet off the grzzound baby c'mon the three gets further back as so does the free throw line... Squad Upp

How many inches is a football field goal line to goal line?

3600 inches

Does a base line have a height?


If i am 5 foot 5 inches what inch inseam should i have?

You can't get that from your height measurements. The inseam runs from your crotch down inside your leg to the top of your foot (or close to it). I'm about your size, my inseam now is 29 inches, but when I was younger it was 30 inches. People normally shrink in height as they age. I'm now a full inch shorter than I was 60 years ago. Bottom line, we can't tell you an answer because your inseam depends on how much of your height comes from the legs, trunk, and head.

What has length width but no height?

A line !

What is 122 linear inches?

That is 122 inches "in a line."