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Q: What always leaves and always stays?
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Where is daisy in Pokemon FireRed?

She Always stays in Gary's House i think she never leaves.

How do you make a DIV that never leaves the browser window?

You can use 'position:fixed' or you can use javascript to make sure that a div always stays in view inside the client window.

Does a clover always have three leaves?

Does a clover always have three leaves?

Can pcp get out your urine in three days?

No. It stays in the system and never leaves.

If Jake leaves on Friday stays 2 days and leaves again on Friday how did jack do it?

What ever he left on was named Friday.

A man leaves on Friday and stays there for three days then he leaves on Friday how is that possible?

He leaves on his horse named Friday. This "joke" was on icarly, a TV show on nickelodeon.

What stays the same but always changes?

nothing, atoms are always moving.

Where does blood flow after it leaves the left side of heart?

it stays in your body and circulates

Where does nitrogen go when it leaves the atmosphere?

It stays in the air.. It doesn't leave the atmosphere.

What is always traveling but stays on the side?


Where do dumpsters go when picked up for trash?

nowhere your trash leaves but your dumpster stays

What leaves is lord shiva always offered?

Bilva leaves