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60 degrees

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Q: What angle do the hands form at ten o'clock?
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What angle do the hands of a clock form at 10 0'clock show?

It's at 300o and it shows it's ten o'clock

How do you say it is ten oclock and it is eleven oclock in french?

It is ten o'clock: il est dix heures;it is eleven o'clock: il est onze heures.

What angle are clock hands at two fifty?

150 degrees. usually, we say ten to three when talking about clock hands. if the clock says 2:50 it's digital and has no hands.

Why do Buddhist statues have more than two hands?

Statues of the Buddha have the normal human compliment of two (2) hands. Statues of the Hindu goddess Kali have several arms and hands, the popular four-armed form and the ten-armed Mahakali form

How long does a wrestling event last?

it depends on the brand raw goes on for two hours ecw goes on for one hour and smack down goes on for three hours all three brands go off at ten oclock central time raw starts at eight oclock central time ecw starts at nine oclock centeral time and smackdown starts at seven oclock central time

What is the interior angle of a decogon?

it is a ten sided and ten angled figure

How many degrees does a ten sided angle have?

A ten-sided regular polygon is a decagon. Total angles is 1440 degrees, with 144 degrees per angle.

What is the object of the preposition in the following sentence Lets meet Naomi and Sam at ten oclock.?

The object of the preposition "at" in the sentence is "ten o'clock." It is the specific point in time where the action of meeting Naomi and Sam is supposed to take place.

What are the ten angle names?

0-90o is an acute angle. 90o is a right angle. 90-180o is an obtuse angle. 180-360o is a reflex angle. There are only 4 angle names.

What does ten thousandths mean in word form?

Ten thousandths is ten thousandths in word form. In number form it is 0.001

What is the central angle for a ten sided polygon?

36 degrees

What is the measure of a central angle of a regular ten sided polygon?

the center angle of any polygon is 360 degrees