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Drop off ?

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Q: What are 2 words which mean a steep descending slope?
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What kind of slope do a closely spaced contour lines indicate?

Closely spaced contour lines mean that the slope is steep.

What does steeper mean?

To be more steep. We say "a steep slope" meaning the slope rises at a sharp angle, that is difficult to climb. A wall is steep because it goes straight up.

What do ascending and descending mean?

Ascending means going up and descending means going down. Ex: The elevator was ascending. The skier was descending the mountain slope.

Why the hills road are built to have gradual slope?

A gradual slope is easier to drive a vehicle over than an excessively steep slope. As a cyclist, I want a gradual slope, anything steeper would mean dismounting and walking to the top of the steep slope.

What does it mean to have a sharp slope?

If the slope has a large number, the corresponding line is also said to be STEEP.

What does plateau mean when you are using a map?

a medium elevation of a steep slope

What does a steeper slope mean?

steep slope means that it gets to their sistance faster and ends up higher than the other HOPE THAT HELPED :D

What does a 10 percent road sign mean?

That there is a 10% slope in the road ahead, meaning it is very steep.

What does a steep downward slope mean on a distance time graph?

A steep downward slope on a distance-time graph indicates a fast decrease in distance traveled over time. This could suggest that the object is moving rapidly in the opposite direction or decelerating quickly.

What does gradient of a river mean?

The gradient of a river is the steepness of its slope.

Contour lines very close together indicate the land is?

If the contour lines on a topographic map are close together, that area is a steep slope. If the contours have wide spaces in between then the terrain is relatively flat. Many close contour lines mean the elevation is changing rapidly while sparse contour lines mean elevation changes very little.

What does arenal mean in any lanquage?

"Arenal" is a word in Spanish that can mean "sandy area," particularly referring to a sandy or pebbly shore by a body of water, such as a beach. It can also refer to a volcanic cone with a steep slope.