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parallel lines are slanted lines

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Q: What are all the lines like parallel?
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Does an isosceles triangle have parallel line?

Like all other triangles it has no parallel lines.

What lines are called parallel lines?

Parallel lines are like this / / / / / / THEY NEVER TOUCH AND ARE OPPOSITE

Are all the longitudes parallel?

All lines of constant latitude are parallel to all others,but no two lines of constant longitude are parallel.

How many parallel lines does a sguare have?

All squares have two pairs of parallel lines. That's four lines, but they are not all parallel to each other.

A parallel is a line of what?

Parallel lines are two lines that will never intersect, like this.________________________________________________________

Does a diamond have parallel lines?

NO. A diamond does not have parallel lines. All the lines would eventually connect.

Which one line is parallel latitude or longitude?

All 'lines' of latitude are parallel to all others.No meridian of longitude is parallel to any others.-- All 'lines' of latitude are parallel to all others.-- No meridian of longitude is parallel to any other one.

What does a trapezoid looke like?

Parallel lines followed by non-parallel lines google it

Are all Intersecting lines parallel?

A set of parallel lines will have no intersection. But they may intersect other lines.

Where do parallel lines meet?

Parallel lines meet in infinity(they don't meet at all)

Do all parallel lines intersect?

No. In ordinary Euclidean geometry, parallel lines neverintersect.

What parallel lines intersect?

Parallel lines in the Euclidean plane do not intersect but all parallel lines in the projective plane intersect at the point at infinity.

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