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Hm...I'd need to know if you're speaking in terms of algebraic functions (like the difference between a "linear" function and a "quadratic" function), or trying to apply 2-dimensional definitions of "line" to 3-dimensional geometry (like...the equator on the globe is a line [also known as a "great circle"], but it doesn't follow the definition of a 2 dimensional line.

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Q: What are examples of a nonlinear line?
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Examples of nonlinear equations?

y=x2 and y=lnx are two examples of nonlinear equations.

What is linear motion and nonlinear motion?

Linear motion is motion in a straight line, where an object moves along a path without changing direction. Nonlinear motion, on the other hand, involves movement that is not in a straight line, exhibiting changes in direction or speed throughout the motion. Examples of nonlinear motion include circular motion or random motion.

What is a curved line graph called?

nonlinear line

How do you use nonlinear graph in sentence?

A nonlinear graph doesn't make a straight line.

What is nonlinear?

Nonlinear means something is not in a line. It is a term commonly used in math, meaning two or more equations are not on the same line.

Intricate examples of nonlinear function?

Here is a simple example of a nonlinear function. Y = X2 =====Build on that!

What does nonlinear and linear mean?

Linear means anything that forms a straight line. Nonlinear means the opposite. Something that doesn't form a straight line.

How can you tell by looking at the graph of a function that it is nonlinear?

A linear function would be represented by a straight line graph, so if it's not a straight line, it's nonlinear

What is nonlinear relations?

Nonlinear relations are mathematical relationships between variables where the graph of the relationship is not a straight line. This means that as one variable changes, the other variable does not change by a constant rate, resulting in a curved or non-linear shape on a graph. Examples of nonlinear relations include quadratic functions, exponential functions, and trigonometric functions.

The word meaning not forming a straight line?


What definition for a nonlinear graph?

a graph that does not have a straight line

What is a point that does not fall directly on a graph line?