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1 It's a perfectly rounded 2 dimensional shape

2 It can be easily constructed with a compass

3 Its perimeter is better known as its circumference

4 Its diameter spans its circumference cutting through its centre

5 Its radius is half of its diameter

6 It can be concentric with other circle sharing the same centre

7 Its circumference divided by its diameter is the value of pi

8 Its pi value has never been determined because pi is an irrational number

9 Its circumference is: 2*pi*radius or diameter*pi

10 Its area is: pi*radius squared

11 Its radius can be found by: circumference/2*pi

12 Its diameter can be found by: circumference/pi

13 Its circumference touches a straight line tangent at only one point

14 Its circumference is a full rotation of 360 degrees

15 Its circumference measured in parts are arcs

16 Its radius is the measure of an arc radian which about 57.3 degrees

17 It has lines of symmetry that are infinite

18 It has chords which are straight line spanning its circumference

19 It has sectors which is an area enclosed by an arc and 2 radii

20 It has segments which is an area enclosed by an arc and a chord

21 It has certain exterior and interior angular properties

22 Its best friend is the sphere because they have so much in common

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Q: What are facts about a circle and its properties?
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*IT has 360' (Degrees) *1 side *?

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What are the properties of a semi circle?

triangle form in a semi circle is right triangle

Why do i need to know that there are 360 in a circle?

There are 360 degrees around a circle and knowing this will help you to understand other properties of a circle.

What math skills do you need to interpret a circle graph?

Have a basic knowledge of statistics and the properties of a circle

What are properties of diameters?

diameter is a line across the centre of a circle

How do you you solve for the area of a circle?

You use the information you're given, along with the facts and formulas you know about the geometry of a circle.

Why it is so important to know the area of a circle?

Knowing the area of a circle which is pi times radius squared will help you to find other properties of the circle

What facts are there about the area of a circle?

The derivative of a circles area is it's circumference.

Name the properties associated with the angles and arcs of circles?

The properties associated with the angles of a circle is the amount of rotation about the point of intersection of two lines in order to make one line into correspondence with the other. The arc of a circle consists of two points on the circle and all of the points on the circle lie between those two points.

How did they arrive at the geometric formula for a circle?

The circumference of any circle divided by its diameter is always equal to pi. With this information we can work out various properties of the circle such as its circumference or its area.