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All geometric figures.

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2015-03-21 17:40:03
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Q: What are figures that could be formed using undefined terms?
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How are defined terms and undefined terms relate to each other?

"Defined items" are defined in terms of "undefined terms".

What are the three undefined terms of geometry?

The three undefined terms are the point,the line and the plane.

What is the representation of each undefined terms?

The answer depends on which undefined terms the question refers to.

How are undefined terms and defined terms relate to each other?

"Defined items" are defined in terms of "undefined terms".

Why is undefined terms in geometric is called undefined?

they are not defined

What category do points lines and planes belong to in an axiomatic system?

Image result for In an axiomatic system, which category do points, lines, and planes belong to? Cite the aspects of the axiomatic system -- consistency, independence, and completeness -- that shape it.

Give 5 physical representation of undefined terms in real life?

physical representation of undefined terms in real life?

Why is undefined terms?

Because they are very

What is the undefined terms in geometry?


Why are undefined terms called undefined?

A term that is undefined mean simply that it is not defined. The prefix un means not, and if you add it to the word defined, ta da, you get undefined.

What does undefined terms in algebra mean?

Undefined terms are numbers that con't be determined, like 1/0. Not to be confused with irrational numbers, though.

What is the term used for undefined terms?

We often call "undefined terms" variables. Their value is not known; it can vary. And thus the name we assign them is variable.

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